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    Mission Statement

    The District of Peachland exists to provide affordable, quality local services to taxpayers, residents, and businesses. Council engages the community in two-way exchanges to fully understand the communityís needs and aspirations ?Councilís decisions for and on behalf of the community are based on this understanding.

    The District of Peachland exemplifies the following Corporate Values in its work:

    Fact based decision making
    Community input and engagement
    Progressive thinking

    2022 General Election - Unofficial Results

    VAN MINSEL, Patrick - 1104 *Elected
    FIELDING, Keith - 983
    FORTIN, Cindy - 293


    BROPHY, Randey - 1382 *Elected
    INGRAM, Rick - 1208 *Elected
    CONDON, Terry - 1157 *Elected
    COLLINS, David - 1091 *Elected
    THOM, Keith - 1081 *Elected
    GLASMAN, Alena - 978 *Elected
    KENT, Mike - 779
    UDALA, Rainer - 759
    CUNNINGHAM, Pam - 725
    GOODMAN, Moira - 724
    BENNETT, Kevin - 688
    WALSH, Nick - 643


    GUDERYAN, Lisa - 940 *Elected
    WIEBE, Gordon - 808
    FEHR, Karrie - 296


    YES - 1729
    NO - 588

    Welcome to the District of Peachlandís Website!

    Looking for information but donít know where to start? Check out our"A ?Z? search function and the ďI want to...?/b> tab at the top of the Home Page.

    If you have any questions, concerns, or find any errors please email info@ or call 250-767-2647

    News & Events

    Smaller burns this week and if weather permitting larger burns to take place next week. Burns are for wildfire mitigation and smoke may be visible to the end of November.
    Access all upcoming meeting documents in PDF and HTML formats here!

    Upcoming District Events

    Community Calendar

    Green Communities Climate Action Recognition Program

    Green Communities Climate Action Recognition Program
    As a signatory to the Climate Action Charter (Charter), the District of Peachland has demonstrated its commitment to work with the Province and the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) to take action on climate change and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its corporate operations and the broader community.

    As a Charter signatory that has achieved Level 1 and Level 2 recognition, and demonstrated significant climate action (corporately or community-wide) to reduce GHG emissions for the 2018 reporting year, Peachland has been awarded Level 3 recognition - 'Accelerating Progress on Charter Commitments'.

    About Peachland

    About Peachland
    Imagine living and working in a location that many people just dream about for vacation visits. Situated on eleven kilometers of Okanagan lakefront, Peachland is in the very heart of the recreation paradise that is the Okanagan Valley. Positioned midway between Kelowna and Penticton, it is the perfect location to draw from both population centres, and is well positioned to act as a hub for wine and other agri-tourism activities. Peachland is within easy reach of over 200 estate wineries and microbreweries. In the relatively brief winter season Peachland is centrally located to downhill skiing at Big White to the east and Apex Mountain to the south. Numerous hiking, biking, cross country skiing, and snow-mobiling trails are within minutes drive of Peachland.

    Customer Service Feedback

    Customer Service Feedback
    Customer Service Feedback

    Your feedback is important to us. The District of Peachland is committed to service quality and is continuously striving to develop new ways to improve service delivery to you. Help us measure and enhance our service, by taking a moment to complete the online questionnaire.

    Questionnaires can also be filled out at our Customer Service Feedback Kiosks located at the District's Office, Community Centre and Public Works Office.

    click here for the Customer Service Feedback Form